Welcome message from the Director of Center of Mental Health

Welcome to the Centre for Mental Health (CMH), College of Medicine and Health Sciences, at the University of Rwanda. The Centre is a cross- cutting research driven unit that brings together Clinical Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses, Psychiatrists and Public Health Specialists to further the discipline of mental health from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The Centre for Mental Health is dedicated promote mental health wellbeing through research, training, clinical services and policy development (e.g. advocacy and community engagement). To achieve this end, the multidisciplinary team works together to undertake research, to support in-service professionals, graduate and post-graduate students (national and international), to work with governmental institutions (e.g. Rwanda Biomedical Centre/Mental Health Division) and non-governmental organizations (local and international) to inform policies in mental health care and practice.


Thank you for visiting our website.


Prof. Vincent Sezibera